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You work hard; for your business, for your family and for yourself. We work hard to help you protect everything you have worked so hard to build. Failure to protect your business from the start, or to take or defend against legal action, can result in loss; loss of your career, your business, your bank account and more.

At Ascione Law, we combine our experience and expertise to protect you, your family, your business and everything you have. We focus on your desired outcome and long-term goals. We work to protect your interests inside the courtroom and out. Our attorneys and staff are committed to effective representation that is tailored to fit your specific needs.

The longer you wait, the more likely it is that records and other critical evidence will be destroyed. A single day can mean the difference between a win and a loss. There is simply too much at stake to delay. Call to schedule a free initial consultation. In the Orem, Provo or SLC area call 801-679-4381. Outside of Utah County call toll free at 888-849-4707.

Business and Commercial Litigation Law Firm

We protect business owners through our practice of business law which includes contract formation, employment matters and business litigation. Our Orem business law attorneys can help you whether in the context of business transactions, interactions with government entities or within the legal system. By generating solutions to your present challenges and helping you lower your risks of challenges in the future, we allow you to focus on growing your business. We can help streamline your processes, avoid obstacles and promote healthy growth.

Dedicated to Defending Your Rights and Your Reputation

We are also dedicated to protecting the individual interests of business professionals who have found themselves facing civil, administrative or criminal proceedings resulting from alleged misconduct or white collar fraud, including embezzlement, securities fraud and investment fraud.

We offer experienced legal service in these additional practice areas:

Protecting Your Children, Family, and Assets

You work hard for your loved ones and family. Make sure that hard work isn't done in vain. We offer estate planning services so you can assure that your children, family members, and assets are taken care of. We know people don't like to discuss these topics and that it can be difficult to think about your own death or that of a loved one. However, talking about these things now can give you peace of mind knowing that when that time comes, they will be taken care of.

Our Skills Allow You to Focus on What Is Important

At Ascione Law, our legal team will work with you to understand the history and context of your case along with your current goals. This helps us create solutions that allow you to focus on day-to-day living instead of conflict. We realize the type of commitment necessary to gain this level of understanding. We are comfortable making this commitment because our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you and create momentum so you can move forward with your business and personal life.

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For counsel that will help you keep moving forward, turn to an experienced and effective law firm. Contact our Orem attorneys online or call 801-679-4381 to schedule a FREE initial consultation.


  • My name is Darin Jensen. I was represented by Patrick J. Ascione in an employment-related matter. I was impressed by the manner in which he handled the case. Everything was done on a timely basis and I spent very little time in his office. I felt that my matter was covered very thoroughly and that I was well informed as to my legal rights and options. I would recommend his services to anyone and I have referred additional potential clients to him. I have felt comfortable with the way in which we have discussed my options and how they would impact my life.

    -Darin Jensen