How much does Ascione Law charge?

We offer a free 30 minute initial consult.

Clients are billed at standard hourly rates or flat fees based on the specific legal issue. Rates will be discussed during your free initial consultation.

What should I bring to my Free Initial 30 minute Consultation?

Please bring with you all documentation or evidence that relates to the problem you wish to discuss. A timeline of events is extremely helpful for the attorney to get a complete picture view of your potential case.

Come prepared to give the attorney a brief synopsis of your legal issue. The attorney will then be able to discuss with you if you have a case, what recourses are available to you, what our law firm would do should you decide to hire us, and potential costs involved.

What happens once I hire you?

When you decide to retain our law firm we will have a Client Information Form and Client Agreement for you to fill out and sign. This will have a breakdown of projects the firm will do to begin your case, potential costs, payment arrangements, required retainer, etc.

We require a signed Client Agreement and retainer before we can begin working on your case. We accept payment via credit card, PayPal, cash, check, and wire transfer.

Once the Client Agreement and retainer are submitted, we will begin working on your case as detailed in your Client Agreement.

How long will my case take?

Unfortunately, unlike TV law dramas, lawsuits aren’t completed in 45 minutes.

Things such as simple letters can be done in a few days. Basic wills and trusts can be done in a few weeks. Cases involving a lawsuit, hearings, or courtroom trial may take years.

This is a good question to ask during your Initial Consult.

Does Ascione Law handle out of state litigation?

We regularly associate with attorneys in other states to conduct business in both state and federal courts located outside of Utah.

I was the one wronged– do I need to pay the attorney’s fees or can we make the other side pay for them?

The law allows for recovery of attorney’s fees in some instances after a case has been won; however, it is up to the judge’s discretion whether they are awarded. Unfortunately, you will need to pay your attorney’s fees to bring a lawsuit in order to try and recover damages.

Where is Ascione Law located?

We are located on the corner of Center Street and 400 West in Orem, Utah, in the Centre Street Professional Plaza, kitty corner from the Stonehenge Rehab Center.

From I-15, take the Orem Center Street exit east, head up the hill until you get to 400 West. Turn left onto 400 North then right into our building parking lot. There is a west lobby and an east lobby. We are in the east lobby on the first floor.

More questions?

Call 801-854-1200 or simply contact us online to discuss your questions with one of our experienced attorneys.