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Ascione Law in Orem, Utah

A commitment to justice. A dedication to excellence.

After years of working with partners and in large firms, Patrick Ascione resolved to start a smaller firm where he could have more opportunity to positively impact the lives of his clients.

In 2009, he founded Ascione & Associates, L.L.C. In 2014, the firm moved to its new location and became Ascione Law. As the managing attorney Patrick is able to meet and engage with every client who comes to the firm. It is the hope of Ascione Law to change the concept of client care by focusing on building valuable, long-term relationships with our clients.

Ascione Law offers business law, real estate law, contracts, estate planning, wills and trusts, trademark and copyright law, and securities fraud litigation.

The administrative staff is dedicated to creating an environment in which clients feel welcome and comfortable. Organization, staying on top of timelines and deadlines, and open communication are high priorities.

Clients depend on Ascione Law to handle their legal challenges efficiently and effectively, and they do so by utilizing their combined knowledge, skills, and experience. Patrick understands how important it is to build trust with his clients. His reputation is the lifeblood of the firm and every client they serve helps continue to build on that reputation.

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