Real Estate

  • Commercial Real Estate

    request a free consultation Owning commercial real estate requires a lot of responsibility and planning. Having the proper documents from the beginning of your ownership

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  • Partnering with Realtors

    I am a Realtor. Why should I send my clients to you? Although it might seem like an additional step between closing the sale and

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  • Real Estate Fraud

    Scam artists prey on those in dire situations, the elderly, and the disabled. The current real estate market is ripe for fraud. Real estate fraud

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All Businesses Have Real Estate Needs

Real estate is important to all businesses: from the lease of an office space, to property acquisition, to adverse possession — where a non-title holder occupies property with intent to keep it.

Difficulties involving real estate can have a dramatic impact on a business. Having your resources bound to an asset involved in a legal dispute can be financially devastating. At Ascione Law, we’re here to help. We specialize in multiple branches of real estate law, including:

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you need help drafting or negotiating lease documents, dealing with tenant issues, or defending yourself against wrongful eviction claims, our experienced commercial real estate attorneys will guide and protect you through any transactions or disputes.

Partnering with Realtors

Because of our vast experience in real estate law, whether helping detect issues before a purchase or finding solutions to problems after, Realtors are confident sending their clients to us.

Real Estate Fraud

The real estate market is ripe for fraud; predatory lending, deceptive timeshare scams, inaccurate disclosures, foreclosure bailout schemes, fraudulent transfer of title, get-rich-quick schemes, inflated appraisals, and other types of misconduct.

We have the experience required to help if you have fallen victim to such scams and fraudulent activities.

Protect Yourself & Your Business Today

Whatever your real estate needs, we have the experience to help. Call us at 801-854-1200 or simply contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.