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    Administrative Agencies and Licensing We are experienced advocates for our clients involved in disputes with administrative agencies and licensing. We have prevailed against state agencies

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  • Contracts

    Contracts — Are They Necessary? Wouldn’t it be nice if verbal contracts sufficed? Since that isn’t the case, written contracts are necessary. These solid contracts

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  • Trademark/Copyright

    What is the Difference Between a Trademark and Copyright? A trademark is a registered symbol, name, or slogan that represents a company’s products, goods, or

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Build or Grow Your Business with Legal Guidance

Whether you are starting a new business, growing and adding locations, or managing daily operations; having competent legal counsel will protect you and your business and bring peace of mind.

We will  assist with the formation of your business and create documents, employment manuals, and the contracts you need as your business grows.

From Business Contract Formation to Legal Disputes

No one goes into business hoping to sue their partner or family member. Our ability to draft concise and effective contracts can help reduce the risks inherent when  doing business with another person. Whether you need a contract to be drafted or an agreement reviewed, we work to ensure that the contract you sign will give you the clarity and protection you desire.

Unfortunately, in business , problems can and do arise; one party doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain or decides they want to push you out of the deal. We have the experience to help resolve contract disputes, director and officer disputes, deceptive trade practices, and more.

Fight Violations of Your Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property refers to non-financial assets of an individual or business. It can be in the form of ideas such as copyrights and trademarks, or actual creations. There are many ways your intellectual property rights can be taken.

  • Pictures of your products are being used to sell a competitor’s products.
  • A product hits the market with a logo that looks like yours.
  • Your client list has been stolen and is being used by a competitor.

If your intellectual property has been stolen or misused in any way, money is being taken from you. Don’t stand by and let it be taken. With the help of a skilled attorney, you can protect your intellectual property rights and ensure that your ideas and brand don’t profit anyone but you and your business.

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