Real Estate Fraud

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Scam artists prey on those in dire situations, the elderly, and the disabled. The current real estate market is ripe for fraud.

Real estate fraud can occur in many different ways: mortgage fraud, real estate fraud, appraisal fraud and other deceptions. These cases frequently involve alleged inflated appraisals, falsified mortgage documents, broker misrepresentations and various other levels of misconduct.

Know Before You Sign

If you are preparing to buy or refinance any kind of real estate or dwelling, it is essential to know what you are signing first. Our experienced real estate attorneys will review your purchasing document before you sign and bring to light anything untoward which may have the potential to cause problems later on.

Beware of Scams

Foreclosure Rescue Scams:

  • Title Transfer or Rent-to-Buy: Homeowners transfer title to another person believing they can continue living in the home as a renter and buy it back at a later date. The scammer never pays the mortgage and can actually evict the homeowner, who is still liable for the mortgage.
  • Bait and Switch: Believing they are signing a new loan document, the homeowner, in reality, signs ownership to another person and loses the home.
  • Phony Consulting or Phantom Help: Offering to help work with the lender to lower your rate or payment amount to save the home, the “consultant” charges a large fee. The help is never given and the consultant takes off with the money, leaving the homeowner worse off.

Home Equity Fraud Schemes:

  • Unscrupulous contractors, frequently soliciting door-to-door and targeting vulnerable homeowners – elderly, disabled, financial crisis etc. – pressure the owner to take out a huge loan to finance repairs. Often the over priced work is not done or is very shoddy, leaving the homeowner deeply in debt, having to pay for repairs, and in danger of foreclosure.

Rental Fraud:

  • A con artist rents out property they don’t own, such as an abandoned or vacant property, and disappears after collecting rent and security deposits.

Protect Yourself Today

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