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Probate, Will Contest and Estate Litigation Services

What is Probate?

Probate is the process by which an individual’s estate is administered after his or her death. The probate process can be complex and lengthy, and can become even more obscure when there is a will dispute or other form of probate litigation.

At Ascione Law, we simplify the process for clients and alleviate their burdens by handling all necessary notifications, publications, and other components of probate.

How We Can Help?

Quality Legal Counsel Through Utah Probate

As a business-focused law firm, we regularly create estate and business succession plans for business owners. Moreover, we provide support for the families who later rely on us to administer these estates with professionalism and care. We are able to address the most complex issues in probate ranging from will contests and other probate litigation to preparing state and federal income tax returns and estate tax documents.

Out-of-state clients face many challenges when administering an estate in another locale. We can help to alleviate those challenges; we serve as local counsel handling all aspects of legal notifications, inventory of the estate, payment to creditors, tax document preparation, and disbursing inheritance to named beneficiaries.

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