Partnering with Realtors

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I am a Realtor. Why should I send my clients to you?

Although it might seem like an additional step between closing the sale and earning your commission, there are advantages to sending your client to an experienced real estate attorney. We  will review your client’s mortgage contracts to ensure their legal rights are protected.  

The benefits of having an adept real estate attorney on your side include…

Detecting problems before

Even when buying property through a qualified licensed Realtor, sellers can be dishonest in their disclosures. Having an attorney review the mortgage contract and bring to light anything out of step before they sign can protect you from potential difficulties.

Improperly handled disclosures dates may delay the sales process. Detecting problems early can help the closing go more smoothly and avoid costly delays.

Helping with problems after

If your client has already purchased the property and the seller isn’t fulfilling their end of the contract, our attorneys have the experience to help them through such issues.

Out-of-state buyers

Not being there in person can be a disadvantage if a seller is at all dishonest. Having a trusted real estate attorney review mortgage documents on their behalf can give out-of-state buyers peace of mind.

Commercial business deals

If your client is buying commercial property as part of a business transaction, they may need to first set up the business or create an LLC in which the property will be held. Our attorneys will assure your client’s business is started properly and is set up in a way that will best protect them and their newly acquired property.

Give Your Clients Peace of Mind

Call us at 801-854-1200 or simply contact us online. We offer mortgage contract review at a discounted rate for Realtor referrals.