Commercial Real Estate

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Owning commercial real estate requires a lot of responsibility and planning. Having the proper documents from the beginning of your ownership can help avoid problems down the road. Unfortunately, even with the best laid plans, problems do arise.

How We Can Help You Navigate Commercial Real Estate

We have extensive experience in commercial real estate and we can help you through a multitude of transactions or disputes, including:

Landlord-Tenant issues:

  • Holdover tenants – remaining after the expiration of a lease
  • Eviction or expulsion of a non-paying tenant
  • Defending you against wrongful evictions claims
  • and other landlord/tenant matters


  • Minimizing potential lease disputes by drafting lease documents.Negotiating and drafting commercial lease agreements
  • Reviewing existing lease agreements
  • Resolve lease disputes

Liens and Foreclosures:

  • Securing a lien
  • Foreclosing on liens
  • Foreclosing on residential or commercial property
  • and more

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