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Administrative Agencies and Licensing

We are experienced advocates for our clients involved in disputes with administrative agencies and licensing. We have prevailed against state agencies such as the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, the Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing (DOPL), and the Utah Residence Lien Recovery Fund.

Business Organization and Entity Formation

Deciding what type of business entity to form can be confusing. Ensuring the entity is set up correctly can help create a solid foundation for your business.

Corporations — S-Corp or C-Corp

  • Shareholders enjoy limited liability
  • Managed centrally. Flexible financing and taxation at corporate rates
  • Subject to government regulation, including securities laws

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Numerous tax advantages and protection from personal liability
  • Can be difficult to create
  • Business actions must reflect definition of LLC to retain advantages

General Partnerships

  • Two or more individuals who share business losses and gains
  • Each owner is personally liable for debts and legal obligations

Limited Partnerships

  • A least one general partner and one or more limited partners
  • Limited partners share liability only to the extent of their investment in the partnership and do not have control of the partnership’s operation

Sole Proprietorships

  • Sole proprietor is responsible for all debts and liabilities of a business
  • Great deal of risk involved as creditors may reach personal assets
  • Sole proprietor keeps all profits and maintains complete control of operational and management decisions

Entity formation is an important decision. When done right, it can alleviate stress and help to avoid potential legal issues in the future. Talk with one of our attorneys today to ensure your business is protected and structured in a way best suited for your business needs and objectives.

Director and Officer Liability

Corporate officers often act in unrestricted ways to fulfill their business obligations, potentially appearing to further their personal goals rather than that of the business. Do you believe some of their decisions may have been in violation of their fiduciary duties?

At Ascione Law, our experience can help uncover a breach of fiduciary duty and create effective strategies for recovery of your losses.

Succession Planning and Asset Protection

The question of how to protect your business and ensure that it continues to benefit your loved ones can be complicated. We will work with you to develop an effective succession plan that will complement your individual estate planning.

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